Our Story

The Cannock Harvest Story begins with a dream for a better way of cultivating the land and creating a specialist product that people could enjoy with artisan food products but at a reasonable price.

The specialty products that Cannock Harvest produce are fresh and delicious. We are always looking at producing new products.


Our farm has been a dairy farm since at least 1924, when Tom’s Grandfather first took a lease on the farm. After 95 odd years, we feel a change is greatly needed for the land but also state of mind! Enter pumpkin seed. What a revelation for us. a magnificent plant which grows fantastically for us in our region.

We are very proud of our pumpkin seed and the products thereof including the pumpkin seed flour which is a real beaut when it comes to baking gluten free, adding elasticity back into what can otherwise be quite a challenging task!

We welcome you to come along on our journey of diversification and savor some of our efforts.