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We aim to grow what we sell. Our Pumpkin seeds are our own and we feel very proud to bring them to the market! Unfortunately, our hemp crop failed again this year to deliver a seed crop, however, we feel so strongly about bringing hemp into everyone’s diet, that we have secured a limited amount of seed from another sprayfree grower in the Wairarapa. So now we can offer hemp seed oil and delicious hemp heart! And all NZ grown! (Like it should be).

We enjoy wearing hemp shirts so much, we decided to offer them also, and at a fairer price than we could find elsewhere. (numbers very limited)

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seed has long been known to decrease the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and obesity.

They are great for the heart and the liver due to being packed with omega3 and 6 along with heaps of antioxidants! They are a rich source of magnesium and zinc, which have many uses throughout the body.

Pumpkin seed is about 25-30% protein. Plant proteins are widely considered to be healthier and better digested than animal protein.
We aim to put our food products through as few processes as possible so the goodness remains to be consumed.

Our pumpkin seed is not “scrubbed and polished” to remove all the very thin sheaths as these are beneficial to gut health and have actually been used to de-worm stock!

A great way to use pumpkin seed (or hemp seed for that matter) is to grind it into a meal/flour and substitute it into cooking/baking. It is great to add a bit of guts to gluten free flours like rice flour. About ¼ pumpkin/hemp seed flour to ¾ rice flour or other, but experiment!

Our pumpkin seed oil is now available, it has been considered fantastic for prostate health as well as many other benefits! And it’s delicious too!


Cannock Harvest T Shirts are a sustainable mix of 55% Hemp and 45%organic cotton.

Hemp is known as a hard wearing, breathable fabric and the mix of organic cotton makes the t shirts soft and comfortable. Either choose plain or go for one of our special individually hand-printed NZ designs. This t shirt will keep you cool on a hot summer day or make it a great gift for loved ones here or overseas.

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